The World's First "Sing To Earn" 2022

Welcome To Minionsinu

MINIONSINU is a Web3 lifestyle app for singing and earning money with social & financial elements.

MINIONSINU is built on a daily leisure activity of most people. This is the first project to bring efficiency to the concept of singing & earning money.

With the trend Sing To Earn, MINIONSINU aims to drive millions of people toward a healthier lifestyle, fight against social evil, and connect the public to Web 3.0, while addressing its Social-Fi dimension to build a long-term platform that drives user-generated Web 3.0 content.

Sing To Earn Social App

MINIONSINU SING – an app enables you to sing karaoke with mobile phone or directly connect to TV. You will receive Minionsinu tokens and withdraw directly to your wallet, after singing and reaching the required number of points. The Voice Minions – The annual online singing contest with awards in Minionsinu Tokens and super rare NFT Minions for those who score the highest points and number of votes.


If we reached just 1% of Dogecoin market capitalization then we would be at a marketcap of over 170 Million !

10% TAX

2% BUY - 8% SELL

✅ Top 1 of memecoin trend 2022 – Sing To Earn

✅ Anti-bot, anti-whale

✅ The first "holders' benefit oriented" project

✅ Holders get 2% for each transaction

✅ Big marketing campaign and KOLs

✅ KYC & Contract Audit

✅ 3% will be burned after each transaction

✅ 2% for global humanitarian charitable aid and reducing the toll of suffering in war

✅ 3% more for liquidity

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

The STE token is the financial token of the Minionsinu platform

- Seed sale: 8% (5% at TGE, linear vesting for 12 months)

- Private sale: 10% (5% at TGE, linear vesting for 12 months)

- Public sale (IDO): 1% (100% at TGE)

- Team: 8% (Lock for 12 months, linear vesting for 36 months)

- Liquidity and listing: 30%

- Marketing: 10% (2% at TGE, linear vesting for 24 months)

- Incentive Systems: 25% (linear vesting for 12 months)

- Airdrop: 5% (linear vesting for 6 months)

- Charity Fund: 1% (linear vesting for 12 months)

- Burn: 2% (linear vesting for 6 months)

Without Border



North America


North Europe


South America






Let's See How It Works


Phase 1

- The birth of MINIONS, the world's first Sing to Earn memecoin trend

- Launch the website

- Release Whitepaper V1.0

- Proceed to list in CoinmarketCap, Coingecko

- Verify the contract on BSCscan and conduct an audit

- Update and release Whitepaper V2.0

- Add other languages such as: Chinese, Malay, Thai, Korean, Lao, Filipino, French, Cambodian, Burmese...

- 5000 Minions Token owners

- Airdrop Event: Minionsinu Token and NFT

- Sell NFT boxes

Phase 2

- 10,000 holders

- Marketing strategy for the community

- Release MinionsNFT on MarketPlace

- Launch trial Sing to Earn

- Announce new partners in the next roadmap

Phase 3

- 15,000 holders

- Metaverse Founding Partnership

- Integrate multi blockchain compatibility - Multichai

- Adopt web3 - a paradigm shift towards a more democratic internet

- Launch Minions in DAO

- List on Pancakeswap

Phase 4

- 20,000 holders

- Conduct governance voting according to the DAO Mechanism

- Launch the app on both IOS and ANDROID platforms

- Plan for the next route, launch Whitepaper V3.0

Our Team


CEO - Co-founder


Co-founder, CTO






Affiliate Community




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Future Partners

Available on

Buy on Pancakeswap

How to Buy

Pancake Swap Step-by-Step

01. Download the MetaMask

Download the MetaMask extension and create a wallet. Then proceed to fund your wallet with BNB. Make sure you have enough for gas fees.

02. Connect your wallet

Visit Pancake Swap and connect your wallet to the dApp. Make sure you are connecting to the correct url as

03. Import the MinionsInu contract

In order to swap MinionsInu you will need to add the contract to your wallet, simply click 'add token' to your wallet and copy and paste the MinionsInu contract, then press 'import'.

04. Swap BNB for STE 

After you have imported, simply press 'select token', select STE and then enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for.